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Welcome to Vivi Real Estate: Your partner for everything in Real Estate, Rental, Reforms & Renovation and Property Management on the Costa del Sol.

Are you looking for a real estate experience that is all about you? At Vivi Real Estate, we understand that every real estate decision is unique, which is why we have tailored our services entirely to your needs. As a trusted and professional Dutch real estate agency, we are ready to guide you with our expertise and dedication.

Why Vivi Real Estate?

Our Service Promise

At Vivi Real Estate, we strive to provide every client with a personalised and stress-free real estate experience. Your satisfaction is our focus, and our dedicated experts are committed to exceeding your expectations. Find out how we can make your property dreams in Spain a reality. Contact us today for a no-obligation consultation. Your trusted partner in real estate - that's Vivi Real Estate.

Time for you

Vivi Real Estate is all about you - we take the time to listen to your wishes and goals so that we can provide you with the best possible real estate experience.

Expertise and Transparency

Our in-depth knowledge of the legal issues related to buying and selling in Spain allows us to advise you with confidence. We believe in transparency and make sure you are fully informed every step of the way.

Extensive Services

With our "Everything Under One Roof" concept, we offer not only Real Estate services, but also Rental, Reforms & Renovation and Property Management services to ensure your investment and peace of mind.

Trustworthy and Carefree

We understand that real estate decisions are important and personal. Therefore, we treat every transaction with the utmost confidentiality and make sure you feel unconcerned throughout the process.

Focus on Quality

We focus on giving our clients the best service. We share our knowledge, experience and demonstrate our added value. We strive to go the extra mile with hard work and provide personalized in-depth presentations and information.

Family Business and Kindness

We want our clients to be successful in obtaining their Spanish lifestyle! As a close-knit family business, we value personal relationships and a friendly approach. You are not a number to us; you are a valued customer.!

Meet the team

Ger cuppen

Head of Business Expansion

Ger knows how to run and lead a business to success. After having a successful company for years in the Netherlands he decided to combine his business mindset with his love & passion for Spain, ViVi-Homes was founded. Once he moved to the Costa de Sol he knew he had made the right choice and became an active Property Investor himself. Due to his sublime and remarkable market analyses combined with his overwhelming enthusiasm & knowledge he knows where and how to find the best opportunities. Give him a blink of your ideas and he will surprise you for sure. He is at his best, challenging new ideas and finding solutions.

Alfonso van der Aa

Head of Acquisition

He was born in Venezuela but was soon challenged to move over to Europe, so he did! Why? He wanted to taste the feeling of a high-end work culture of the international hotel business, so he went to study at the nr1. private school in the Netherlands named ‘Tio’! This gave him the chance to work in magical places like: Waldorf Astoria, Okura & more. You can describe Alfonso as a people person, Team player & Deal Maker. If there is some time left over, he turns into a real Burgundian because he loves Michelin-starred restaurants, wines and good people & good times.


General Manager Rental Department

Studying abroad for his International Business Bachelor, Stan quickly noticed how fascinated he was by meeting and working together with people from different ethnicities. At ViVi Real Estate, his young and agile mindset ensures that he knows what other people feel and think, and how he can satisfy each individual’s needs by coming up with creative solutions. His key focus for the business is engaging with customers and creating long-lasting relationships, ensuring a pleasant customer journey for our clients, and growth for the business.

Jeroen Visser

Head of Sales

As soon as you meet Jeroen you will definitely notice his warm presence & positive entrepreneurial mindset. He is passionate about the Spanish Lifestyle & sophisticated in his way of working. He speaks fluently Spanish, Dutch & English and started as a business owner after working in the Financial Sector and the Dutch Embassy. With his winning mentality and strong verbal skills, he takes a pro-active & assertive approach in guiding his clients towards their goals. He is an outgoing and optimistic Leader, who understands the true value of relationships. He perfectly knows how to manage the Spanish Real-Estate market.

Bertwin Schouten

International Property Consultant

Bertwin brings an energetic, honest, and loyal character to his role, making him a top choice for anyone seeking guidance in the real estate market. While his native language is Dutch, he is fluent in English, facilitating smooth communication with a broad clientele. Additionally, he speaks Spanish and is striving to master the language as well. His dedication, integrity, and passion for his work ensure that he's not only an excellent property consultant but also a pleasant and trustworthy partner in your real estate journey.

Lois Cuppen

Real Estate Assistant

Is a real socialiser and loves having family and friends around her. Has enjoyed and passionately worked in childcare in the Netherlands, but love eventually made her move to Spain. She first started working at a call centre as a customer service representative and knows better than anyone how to turn a negative conversation into a friendly and positive vibe. Lois' way of working is service-oriented, has an eye for the customer's needs and always dares to go the extra mile to make those dreams come true.

Dominique Schaefer

International property consultant

Dominique grew up in the Netherlands, Roermond. But moved to Spain because of his love for the country and the climate. What truly sets Dominique apart is his unwavering work ethic. He approaches life with an infectious energy that is truly inspiring. Whether he is pursuing his passions, tackling challenges, or embarking on new adventures, Dominique's enthusiasm is a driving force that motivates the people around him. He speaks fluent German, alongside English and Dutch.

Eunice rivera calixto

Real Estate Agent

Meet Eunice, a dedicated professional renowned for going the extra mile for her clients. With a unique blend of warmth and expertise, she surpasses expectations, creating personalized experiences tailored to individual needs. Eunice's commitment to excellence and genuine care make her a standout figure in her field, forging lasting relationships built on trust and respect.!

Fernando Gomez

Hospitality Manager

Allow us to introduce you to Fernando, a hospitality professional with a wealth of experience and a warm, lovable personality. Hailing from the vibrant country of Mexico, Fernando brings a rich cultural background and a passion for creating memorable guest experiences. Fluent in both English and Spanish, he effortlessly bridges language barriers to connect with people from diverse backgrounds. Whether you're seeking someone to enhance your hospitality team or looking for a charming host to make your guests feel at home, Fernando is the ideal choice to bring professionalism, warmth, and expertise to any hospitality endeavor.

Diego Dominguez

Maintenance Manager

a passionate photographer with an exceptional work ethic. on the job, he's your maintenance manager, effortlessly organizing repairs and cleaning tasks with precision. on his days off, he's the guy behind the lens, capturing the beauty in everyday moments. Diego's kindness and organizational skills make him a valuable asset to your team, ensuring everything runs smoothly while bringing an artistic touch to your endeavors.

Maria de los Angeles Luna

Administrative assistant

Angeles, a kind and intelligent individual with a knack for numbers. Originally hailing from Mexico but now calling Spain home for several years, Angeles embodies a multicultural perspective. As an entrepreneur, she thrives on juggling multiple projects and ventures, channeling her boundless energy and innovative spirit into each one. Whether it's her knack for numbers or her dynamic approach to business, Angeles is sure to impress with her passion for making ideas come to life and her ability to connect with people from different walks of life.

David pellicer


Meet David, a friendly and dedicated individual with an extraordinary work ethic. David's infectious laugh is a testament to his positive outlook on life and work. He firmly believes that the customer always comes first, which has been a guiding principle in his career. Although he spent some time in Ireland, David's heart brought him back to Spain, where he's eager to contribute his exceptional work mentality to his community. With David, you not only get a committed professional but also a delightful personality that brightens any workplace.