Good ethics is good business

We are an international team of dynamic professionals, with in-depth knowledge of the local real estate market. Our way of working will always be inspired by the following pillars:

Honest Advice

Especially in the Spanish Real Estate market, it is essential to get honest & truthful advice. We aim to provide our clients with a complete spectrum of all the options and possibilities by explaining things from different perspectives. This implicates that we not only inform our clients about the positive aspects, but as well about the resulting negative outcomes if we notice that conditions and circumstances are not in line with their mentioned interests. It is fundamental to have a good understanding of our clients needs.

Focus on Quality

We believe there needs to be a solid base of trust to build on with our clients. In order to guarantee a high-level quality service, it is fundamental to have a good understanding of our client’s desires. We do so by continuously listening and discussing carefully with our clients. We share our knowledge, experience and demonstrate our added value. We strive to go the extra mile with hard work and provide personalized in-depth presentations and information.

Long-term Relationships

We want our clients to be successful in obtaining their Spanish lifestyle! Helping them with finding their desired dream home is only a small part of what we do. Due to our extensive network of advisors and technicians combined with our comprehensive and dedicated way of working we provide all the ingredients to enjoy the Spanish lifestyle. What goes around, comes around!

Meet the team

Ger cuppen

Head of Business Expansion

Ger knows how to run and lead a business to success. After having a successful company for years in the Netherlands he decided to combine his business mindset with his love & passion for Spain, ViVi-Homes was founded. Once he moved to the Costa de Sol he knew he had made the right choice and became an active Property Investor himself. Due to his sublime and remarkable market analyses combined with his overwhelming enthusiasm & knowledge he knows where and how to find the best opportunities. Give him a blink of your ideas and he will surprise you for sure. He is at his best, challenging new ideas and finding solutions.

Alfonso van der Aa

Head of Operations & Hospitality

He was born in Venezuela but was soon challenged to move over to Europe, so he did! Why? He wanted to taste the feeling of a high-end work culture of the international hotel business, so he went to study at the nr1. private school in the Netherlands named ‘Tio’!

This gave him the chance to work in magical places like: Waldorf Astoria, Okura & more. You can describe Alfonso as a perfectionist, Team player & Deal Maker. He also loves to help his guests & clients, as a hospitality specialist with an entrepreneur mindset.

If there is some time left over, he turns into a real Burgundian because he loves Michelin-starred restaurants, wines and good people & good times.


Head of Marketing & Communication

Studying abroad for his International Business Bachelor, Stan quickly noticed how fascinated he was by meeting and working together with people from different ethnicities. At ViVi Real Estate, his young and agile mindset ensures that he knows what other people feel and think, and how he can satisfy each individual’s needs by coming up with creative solutions. His key focus for the business is engaging with customers and creating long-lasting relationships, ensuring a pleasant customer journey for our clients, and growth for the business.

Bertwin Schouten

Real Estate broker & Property Consultant

After years of working as a store-manager, Bertwin decided to move to the Costa del Sol to work as a property consultant. His energetic, honest and loyal character make him extremely suitable as a property consultant and pleasant to work with. He is fluent in English and his native language, Dutch. Although he is basic in Spanish, he is still learning it to become fluent in Spanish.

Jeroen Visser

Head of Sales

As soon as you meet Jeroen you will definitely notice his warm presence & positive entrepreneurial mindset. He is passionate about the Spanish Lifestyle & sophisticated in his way of working. He speaks fluently Spanish, Dutch & English and started as a business owner after working in the Financial Sector and the Dutch Embassy. With his winning mentality and strong verbal skills, he takes a pro-active & assertive approach in guiding his clients towards their goals. He is an outgoing and optimistic Leader, who understands the true value of relationships. He perfectly knows how to manage the Spanish Real-Estate market.

Lois Cuppen

Real Estate Assistant

Is a real socialiser and loves having family and friends around her. Has enjoyed and passionately worked in childcare in the Netherlands, but love eventually made her move to Spain. She first started working at a call centre as a customer service representative and knows better than anyone how to turn a negative conversation into a friendly and positive vibe. Lois' way of working is service-oriented, has an eye for the customer's needs and always dares to go the extra mile to make those dreams come true.