ViVi Property Management

Whether you would like to make the highest profit on your home as an investor, want to rent out your property during the time you are not here or don´t want to rent it out at all. We offer you the best!

When you are an investor

Let us prepare a (free) Financial Simulation, with visual graphics and concrete data.
You will have a full overview of the possible rental income in each specific period, all the costs & expenses involved and eventually an indication of your yield on the investment (ROI).

When you want to rent it out

let us inform you about the latest trends, such as for example Intelligent Smart-Locks, Tips & Tricks of renting and the ViVi Homes Full Rental Service.

When you are away

We can take care of your property and make sure you save a lot of time. We can function as a Key-Holder so you don´t have to worry about for example the management, the maintenance or your arriving guests.
We care your home as if it´s ours.

ViVi Home Management

We offer you several service modules, varying from a monthly check-up service (Key-Holder), a Full Rental Service or a Cleaning & Guest Reception service , cared out by the property professionals of ViVi-Homes.

Transparent communication

Always on location

The best price

5 star service

Experienced team

Multilingual staff

High financial return

Caring for your property

You would like to Rent out?

Every week you don’t spend in your (holiday) home is an opportunity to generate extra income! This can greatly reduce your fixed costs, and even increase your equity. You can generate an extra income while you focus on your daily life.

The property specialist of ViVi-Homes will do the work for you! We aim for a return on investment of between 6-12% on your property, this depends on the location and type of home you rent out. You are able to stay in your home country or anywhere you’d like. Needless to say, you will always be able to come and enjoy your home whenever you want to!

The professionals of ViVi Homes take care of everything related to the rental of your holiday home. We also offer a wide range of luxury services for your enjoyment on the Costa del Sol, and functional services that will make your life easier!

Our Packages

Check Up

From €75 Monthly

Checking property twice a month

Damage repair

Communication service

Cleaning & guest reception

From €120
per Service

Guest reception

Cleaning service

Inventory control

Professional cleaning and dry-cleaning

Providing plants and pots inside and outside (not in the soil)

Replacement and replenishment of pottery, cutlery and glassware

Assisting in the interior design process or make-overs of your home

Providing (LED) lighting inside and outside

Our handy-man takes care of repair and maintenance

Providing bath- and bed linen including its cleaning

Replacing or repairing broken and defective items

Transport to and from the airport

Connecting audio and TVs indoors

Replacement and replenishment of pottery, cutlery and glassware

Guest contact and rental process

And much more … just ask!

Are you looking for a
holiday home?