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Renting out your property on the Costa del Sol?

Are you considering renting out your property on the beautiful Costa del sol? Whether you're searching for a property to rent out or you already own a holiday home in this stunning location, there are compelling reasons to consider turning your property into a source of extra income.

Maximize Income Opportunities

Every week your holiday home sits vacant is a missed opportunity to generate extra income. By renting it out, you can significantly reduce your fixed costs and potentially increase your equity.

Hassle-Free Management

You don't have to worry about managing the property yourself. We can handle all the work for you, allowing you to focus on your daily life while still reaping the benefits of rental income.

Attractive Returns

We aim to deliver a competitive return on investment (ROI) of between 6-12% on your property. The exact ROI depends on factors such as location and property type.

Flexibility and Convenience

You can stay in your home country or travel anywhere you like while we take care of the property. And, of course, you're always welcome to enjoy your holiday home whenever you want.

Free Rental Forecast

We offer a complimentary rental forecast that includes visual graphics and concrete data. This simulation provides a comprehensive overview of potential rental income for specific periods, as well as all associated costs and expenses. It also offers an estimate of your ROI.

Ready to explore the income potential of your Costa del Sol property? Contact us today to request your free rental forecast. Let us prepare a free rental forecast, with visual graphics and concrete data. You will have a full overview of the possible rental income in each specific period, all the costs & expenses involved and eventually an indication of your yield on the investment (ROI).


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ViVi Homes Full Property Management

We offer you several service modules, varying from a monthly check-up service (Key-Holder), a Full Rental Service or a Cleaning & Guest Reception service , cared out by the property professionals of ViVi-Homes.

Transparent communication

Always on location

The best price

5 star service

Experienced team

Multilingual staff

High financial return

Caring for your property

Get to Know ViVi Homes Your Premier Holiday Home Rental Experts on the Costa del Sol

Welcome to ViVi Homes, your trusted family-run business specializing in holiday home rentals on the picturesque Costa del Sol. As a family and a dedicated team, we've not only fallen in love with the stunning landscapes, rich culture, and enviable lifestyle of southern Spain but have also made it our mission to share this experience with others.

Our Journey to Spain

Our story begins with a life-changing decision to relocate from The Netherlands to Spain. We were captivated by the allure of this region and decided to focus on creating full-service hospitality experiences that allow our guests to savor the beauty of Costa del Sol just as we have.

Our Core Values

At ViVi Homes, we understand that our success is intricately tied to the relationships we build with our guests and homeowners. These relationships are at the heart of our existence. What sets us apart is our unwavering commitment to delivering 5-star service to both our valued guests and cherished homeowners.

Why Choose Us

Our dedication to exceptional hospitality stems from our genuine passion for this industry. We are driven by the desire to meet every need of both parties involved – our guests and homeowners. Whether you're seeking a dream vacation rental or looking to rent out your property, ViVi Homes is here to make your experience truly memorable. As you explore Costa del Sol and the possibilities it offers, ViVi Homes is your reliable partner every step of the way. Contact us today to discover the magic of southern Spain through our expertly curated holiday home rentals.

What do we do?

At ViVi Homes, we are dedicated to creating the perfect experience for our guests and partners, fostering long-term relationships. Our commitment is to be there when you need us, offering unwavering support and accessibility.

Multilingual Team
Our team consists of English, Spanish, German, and Dutch-speaking experts. We prioritize communication in your preferred language to ensure you feel comfortable and informed throughout your journey.

Always Available
ViVi Homes is not bound by business hours. We are always present on-site, ensuring your needs are met promptly, even outside traditional working hours. Reliability is our cornerstone.

Renting Out Your Property
Every week your holiday home sits vacant is a missed opportunity. ViVi Homes specializes in maximizing your income potential, reducing fixed costs, and enhancing your property's equity. Our property specialists take care of everything, allowing you the freedom to stay in your home country or travel wherever you please. Rest assured, your home is always open for you to enjoy.

Comprehensive Services
In addition to property management, ViVi Homes offers an array of luxury services on the Costa del Sol, making your stay even more enjoyable. From functional services that simplify your life to indulgent experiences, we have you covered.

Don't miss out on the potential of your Costa del Sol property. Contact ViVi Homes today to explore how we can help you optimize your property investment while providing you with exceptional service and support.

You would like to Rent out?

Every week your holiday home sits vacant is a missed opportunity. ViVi Homes specializes in maximizing your income potential, reducing fixed costs, and enhancing your property's equity. Our property specialists take care of everything, allowing you the freedom to stay in your home country or travel wherever you please. Rest assured, your home is always open for you to enjoy.

In addition to property management, ViVi Homes offers an array of luxury services on the Costa del Sol, making your stay even more enjoyable. From functional services that simplify your life to indulgent experiences, we have you covered. Don't miss out on the potential of your Costa del Sol property. Contact ViVi Homes today to explore how we can help you optimize your property investment while providing you with exceptional service and support.

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Rental management Costa del Sol?

If you're eyeing the sun-soaked beaches of Spain, Costa del Sol should be on your radar. But why choose property rentals in this beautiful location? There are countless reasons, but the heart of it all is the promise of a home - a home away from home, that is. Whether it's a luxury villa or an apartment with a view of the sea, rental properties in Costa del Sol, Spain, offer the comfort, convenience, and privacy you won't find in a hotel.

Once you've decided to rent, ViVi Homes Rentals is your trusted number contact. A simple view phone call can connect you to their vast portfolio of holiday rental apartments, houses, and properties for rent. And with their phone number easily accessible, contact save is made effortless for your future bookings.

Now, let's talk about the location, location, location! Costa del Sol, Spain is not just another Spanish region – it's a vibrant, sunbathed place where you can live like a local. The glorious beaches, exciting nightlife, along with the fine dining and shopping options, are just outside your doorstep. Not to mention the numerous golf courses that made the Costa del Sol famous worldwide. This location is not only a paradise for sun-seekers but also for those seeking to immerse themselves in the Spanish culture.

In short, choosing property rentals in Costa del Sol, Spain is more than just a stay, it's an experience. And the best part about it? You can always contact call ViVi Homes Rentals to guide you along the way. So, why wait? Dive into the vibrant life of the Costa del Sol and make that home, home, home, home yours for an unforgettable Spanish holiday.

Appreciating the Value of Real Estate in Costa del Sol

There's an undeniable draw to the Costa del Sol, Spanish for 'Coast of the Sun'. This picturesque region is a haven for property seekers and real estate investors alike. The value of real estate in the Costa del Sol has been exponentially appreciating over the recent years, with more and more estate agents focusing their attention on this prime location.

One of the primary appeals is the immersive culture and lifestyle that permeates through every house and apartment in the sunny region. Each property exudes warmth, charm, and a promise of relaxing and comfortable living. But the allure isn't just in the aesthetics, the data reveals a consistently strong property value trend in the Costa del Sol, making it a worthwhile investment.

Not just for the affluent, the region's real estate market caters to various budget ranges. An array of services is available for prospective renters and buyers, making it a versatile marketplace. From budget-friendly apartments to luxurious houses and villas, the Costa del Sol property rental landscape truly has something for everyone.

For those looking to rent and not buy, the property market in the Costa del Sol is just as robust. The wide array of property rental services makes finding your next holiday home or long-term rental an easy and stress-free process. Whether you're looking for a quaint little house by the beach or a chic modern apartment in the city, have it all at your fingertips with Vivi Homes Rentals.

So if you're considering investing in property or rent, remember - the value of real estate in Costa del Sol is constantly on the rise. Trust the data, trust the estate agents, and most importantly, trust in your decision to choose the beautiful Costa del Sol for your next property venture.

Wondering what makes holiday rentals a great choice in Costa del Sol? There's a wealth of reasons and I'm all set to dive right into them. Let's start with freedom; holiday rentals, especially in beautiful Costa del Sol, give you the flexibility you couldn't dream of in hotels. You can cook, chill, entertain or simply be on your own schedule. And then, there’s the space! Holiday rental apartments and houses in Costa del Sol often have more room than a standard hotel room, making them ideal for families or big groups.

Cost-effectiveness is another big factor. Rental properties in Costa del Sol, particularly for long holidays, often come with a more attractive price tag than a lengthy hotel stay. This means you can spend less on accommodation and more on those scrumptious costa del sol eateries or gut-wrenching adventure activities. Plus, holiday rentals open the door to living like a local. Instead of a sterile hotel environment, you get a home- like ambience, potentially in a residential area of Costa del Sol, enabling you to experience the local lifestyle.

Next we move on to variety. Unlike hotels, holiday rentals come in all shapes and sizes- from luxury villas to quaint cottages, there's a rental for every need and budget. With rental properties, you also often get added amenities - think private pools, gardens or terraces with stunning views of Costa del Sol. Furthermore, rentals offer privacy - there's no need to worry about being disturbed by hotel cleaning staff or other guests.

With all these compelling reasons, it's hardly surprising that holiday rentals in Costa del Sol are increasingly becoming the accommodation of choice for many travellers. Why not join this growing trend and enjoy a wholesome holiday experience?

Costa del Sol, Spain – Known for Holiday Rental Homes, Apartments and Villas

Known for its sunny climate and beautiful beaches, Costa del Sol in Spain is a destination that is often associated with holiday rentals. Whether you're interested in rental homes, villas, or apartments, there's something here to suit everyone's needs. Renting a holiday property in Costa del Sol can provide you with a comfortable, home-like experience that is hard to match.

Villas in Costa del Sol are particularly worth considering. These Spanish properties often come with their private pools, large terraces, and stunning views of the Mediterranean Sea. A villa in Costa del Sol is an ideal choice if you're seeking privacy and tranquillity.

Alternatively, holiday apartments in Costa del Sol also offer an excellent choice for those preferring a more urban experience. You can live like a local, exploring the bustling markets, restaurants, and night life that Spain's coastal cities have to offer from the convenience of your apartment.

Spain's Costa del Sol also provides a wide selection of beautiful homes for rent. A holiday home guarantees you a cosy experience, allowing you to enjoy Spain's tranquil coastal life at your own pace. Relaxing on your private terrace, barbecuing in the garden, or enjoying a siesta in your comfy bedroom – everything is possible in your home away from home.

Regardless of whether you choose a villa, apartment, or home for your holiday rental in Costa del Sol, you are promising yourself a truly delightful Spanish holiday experience. You might come for the sun and the sea, but you'll stay for the comfort and convenience of your holiday rental. In Costa del Sol, every villa, apartment and home for rent is a potential paradise waiting to welcome you.

There's an abundance of services offered by ViVi Homes for property rentals in the breathtaking Costa del Sol. ViVi Homes is renowned for their wide range of services specifically designed to make renting properties a breeze. It's no secret that their services are meticulously curated to cater to the different needs of clients when it comes to rental properties, making this one-stop-shop for rental properties in the region unmatched.

Some of the standout services include comprehensive property management. You may be wondering what this entails? It means that ViVi Homes takes care of every single property under their belt with utmost attention. They ensure that every property, be it holiday rental apartments, villines, houses, or any other, are in superb condition and ready for rent. Set in the stunning Costa del Sol, each of these properties boasts amenities and features that will make your holiday not just memorable but extra special.

Another service worth noting is their extremely responsive customer service. In the world of rent and properties, nothing beats having a reliable customer service that is ready to assist you with any queries or issues. No matter if you're a tenant or a property owner, ViVi Homes is dedicated to providing you with exemplary service, making your rental experience absolutely smooth.

Thus, whether you're an owner seeking to rent out your property or a holidaymaker wanting to rent a beautiful villa or apartment in the sunny Costa del Sol, ViVi Homes'professiondal service will promise a seamless process. See for yourself why countless clients trust them when it comes to Costa del Sol properties for rent. With their assistance, every property for rent becomes a gem worth discovering.

ViVi Home Management: Making Rental Houses in Costa del Sol Accessible

When it comes to finding the perfect home away from home in the serene and sun-kissed locales of Costa del Sol, Spain, there's one name you can trust explicitly - ViVi Homes. We're dedicated to making rental houses not just available, but also accessible to everyone who wishes to enjoy a temporary stay in this charming region.

Choosing ViVi Homes for property rentals in Costa del Sol isn't just about accessing top-of-the-line homes or apartments, it's about making your vacation experience as seamless as possible. We are fully invested in the notion that a holiday in Costa del Sol should feel like a genuine escape, minus the headaches of real estate and property management. We understand that holiday rentals are a popular choice for many tourists and we work hard to deliver on expectations.

We offer a range of rental houses, each carrying its unique charm and catering to various budgets and needs. From inviting homes nestled in the heart of nature to luxurious villas offering remarkable seaside views, we've got it all. The properties we rent out are further testament to the growing value of real estate in Costa del Sol.

Opting for rentals over hotel stays isn't merely a matter of cost, it's about enjoying a unique and personalized experience. It's about having the ability to cook in your own kitchen, lounging in your private garden, and bask in the comfort of a home-like setup. It's about finding a ratio of luxury, comfort, and accessibility that resonates most with you. By providing an expansive and well-curated selection of rental houses, we at ViVi Homes are proud to contribute to the Costa del Sol reputation for being a hotspot for holiday rental homes, apartments, and villas.

To rent a house with us means to guarantee access to top-notch services and a high-quality living environment that feels like a home away from home. At ViVi Homes, we make the dream of living in Costa del Sol a tangible reality. Come find your dream rental house with us, today!

Let's explore who is behind ViVi Homes, one of the leading property rental agencies on the beautiful Costa del Sol. This agency prides itself on making rental houses and properties accessible to all. Through a strong commitment to integrity and client satisfaction, they've established a strong foothold in one of Spain's most desired regions.

On the sun-drenched beaches and charming hillside towns of the Costa del Sol, ViVi homes is your gateway to finding homes, apartments, and villices situated within this Spanish paradise. These homes are truly enviable, offering unparalleled access to the region's wealth of attractions and amenities. With ViVi Homes, any property can feel like home, whether it's a cozy apartment just a stone's throw from the beach, or a sprawling villa with panoramic views of the Mediterranean.

ViVi Homes is more than just a property agency, it's a team of dedicated professionals who aim to ensure that everyone on the property hunt feels at home. With a wide range of homes, houses, apartments, and villas, ViVi Homes caters to a variety of lifestyle and budget needs. They understand that a house is more than just a building. It’s a home, a sanctuary, and they work tirelessly to make the process of finding the perfect one on Costa del Sol a smooth and pleasurable experience.

ViVi Homes strives to provide a personal touch, recognizing that each client's needs and wants when it comes to home hunting are unique. They offer an immense variety of houses and properties, ranging from quaint apartments perfect for those wanting to experience the vibrant life of the Costa del Sol to lavish villas for those seeking a slice of luxury. Each one of their homes is meticulously maintained to ensure they offer the best possible experience for those who choose to rent. So why wait? Explore what’s behind ViVi Homes and set your sights on the perfect home on the Costa del Sol.

ViVi Homes: A Trusted Name in Property Rental Services in Costa del Sol

For years, ViVi Homes has been a trusted name in the property rental sector on the Costa del Sol, the southern coastline of Spain that's a popular destination for holidaymakers around the globe. This respected firm specializing in real estate offers a variety of property rental services, making the process of finding holiday rental apartments, houses, and properties stress-free and straightforward.

Their vast array of rental services set in this esteemed region known for its exquisite real estate make ViVi Homes stand out from the crowd. No matter the type of property you're after – whether it's houses, apartments, or villas, ViVi Homes boasts an impressive catalog of properties for rent in Costa del Sol. In addition to rentals, ViVi Homes also extends its services to properties for sale, providing potential homeowners with hassle-free access to prime estate on this Spain’s sun-kissed coast.

At ViVi Homes, speed and accuracy are of utmost importance. Through an advanced data system, they ensure prospective renters have all the necessary information at their fingertips, facilitating easy access to a multitude of properties. Plus, they know too well the importance of trust, especially when it comes to offering rental services. It's this assurance that has placed ViVi Homes at the forefront of the Costa del Sol rental market, becoming the go-to company for both short-term and long-term rentals.

ViVi Homes also offers excellent rental management services, making rental properties accessible to both locals and international clients. So when you think real estate on the Costa del Sol, think ViVi Homes. Whether you're after rentals, properties for sale, or rental services, trust in the acclaimed name of ViVi Homes to deliver access to your dream property on the Costa de Sol.

When you're looking into properties for rent in Costa del Sol, it's crucial to have accurate and reliable information about available rental properties. There's nothing more demoralizing than getting excited about a potential rent only to find out it's not as advertised; this is why you must get the right information. From exquisite holiday rental apartments to majestic houses fit for leisure and relaxation, you'll find all sorts of properties for rent in this area. It's a renter's paradise.

Renting in Costa del Sol can provide you an experience unlike any other - the region is renowned for its beautiful holiday rental homes, apartments, and villas that vary in style, structure, and price. But to ensure a seamless process, you need to be armed with all necessary information. This step isn't just about knowing the properties for rent but also understanding the value of real estate in Costa del Sol. The information you gather will influence your decisions and the quality of your stay.

ViVi Homes Rentals is a trusted name when it comes to property rental services in Costa del Sol. They enhance the process of rent by making rental houses in Costa del Sol accessible, offering a wide variety of options from modest apartments to luxurious villas. ViVi Homes go the extra mile providing services that extend beyond just giving out information on available rentals. Their exemplary customer services are designed to alleviate the complications of finding the right property for rent in Costa del Sol.

In securing your dream property for rent, it all boils down to your source of information. So, when planning the next unforgettable holiday getaway or ticking off that bucket-list item of living in Costa del Sol, remember, the quality of your stay begins with the quality of your information.

How to Rent Out Your House, Apartments or Villas in Costa del Sol?

If you're considering venturing into the property rental market in Costa del Sol, then you might be wondering, "How do I rent out my house, apartment or villa?" Well, don't worry! With a beautiful property in Costa del Sol, you've already won half the battle! Renting can indeed become a lucrative endeavor if done rightly.

First off, you've got to get your house, apartment or villas ready for rent. Ensuring that the place is well-maintained, clean, and appealing to potential renters is a key aspect. If you're renting out apartments, ensure to distinguish your property with unique features. Your attention to detail makes a world of a difference.

Next, setting the right price for your property is critical. You don't want to set rates that'll scare off potential renters. Whether you've got a house, apartments or villas for rent in Costa del Sol, it's important to find the sweet spot which fits the market rate while also offering worthwhile ROI.

Publicizing your property for rent is also vital. Making use of Costa del Sol-based rental websites like ViVi Homes can aid with this. By listing your house, apartments or villas for rent on such platforms, you're increasing its visibility - further increasing your chances of renting it out successfully.

Lastly, managing a rental property isn't always smooth sailing. There could be maintenance issues to address or unruly tenants. This is where companies like ViVi Homes come in. ViVi Homes Rentals are experts at managing properties in Costa del Sol, ensuring your house, apartments or villas for rent aren't just rented, but also well-managed. Renting out property in Costa del Sol has never been this easy, all thanks to ViVi Homes Rentals.

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