Strive not to be a success,
but rather to be of value

Would you
like to buy?

Congratulations, the first & most important step is made! You are looking for a home in Spain and want to experience the best on the Costa del Sol!

-There is a lot of work involved in buying a house abroad-

Let us join you in your Property Search and we will show you, with lots of enthusiasm & expertise, the best of what´s out there. It´s a fantastic process and we are convinced we provide you with a unique experience.

We have our own lawyers, accountants & rental experts, as well as an extensive local network of highly-skilled professionals, architects and designers.

With a lot of pleasure & personal dedication, most of our clients find with us what they are looking for and enjoy our way of working. Due to numerous after-sales services, it´s not uncommon that even after the deal is done, we stay in contact and help you as well with not real estate related matters. You can make advantage that you already know us and will have access to our reliable and extensive network of partners.

You can count on us before, during and after the buying a property!

Leave us your details, and we explain you more about our ´´nice to have´´ and ´´must have´´ ViVi Services.

Ready to buy?


First part of
the service:

Dedicated Property Search

Financing & Mortgages

Legal Advice

NIE Number

Bank Account

Second part of
the service:

Offer & Price Negotiation

Inspection & Control

Notary, Taxes & Land Registry

Would you
like to invest?

“Believe you can and you’re halfway there” – We provide the rest

-Are you an investor? Would like to make profit? And you are looking for a possibility to expand your real-estate portfolio? Welcome to the Costa del Sol! Don’t wait longer and understand it´s great investment potential!-

With us you will have a wild-card to step into the Spanish Real Estate Market! We are here for the investors who would like to invest in properties, land and development projects. We offer you a complete property management integration.

Ready to invest?


Why invest in the Costa de Sol?

The Costa del Sol has an average of more than 320 sunny days a year and one of the best climates in Europe

A well-developed infrastructure & public transport facility for Tourists (airport, stations and port)

Increasing business climate with highly educated people

Nearby mayor historic places and attractions such as Sevilla, Granada, Cordoba & Ronda

The Spanish culture is one of the worlds most valued ones, due to its diversity

Offers attractive first-class attractions for the wealthy in places such as Marbella & Sotogrande

One of the world’s largest tourist destination in terms of revenue

What kind of investment are you looking for?

There are many interesting investment opportunities, but not every opportunity suits best with your needs and preferences. Please let us know your time span, intentions and ideas. We are like you, open-minded, eager to find new business partners and enforce our potential.

We are your local partner with the accurate knowledge & experience within a dynamic organisation to make things happen. We will share with you all the ingredients you need in order to successfully find the right assets, and at the same time to manage them correctly.

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Would you like to know our other services?

Third Part of our Services

Home rental Property Management Program

Property Checkup program

Reforms & Refurbishments (Electrical, Carpentry)

Interiorism, Painting, Lighting & Decorating

Jacuzzis & Pools

Furniture Packages + Beds

Supplies: Electricity, Water, Internet

Bathroom Screens

Garden Equipment: Pots & Plants

Home Security Systems

Home Insurance

Pool Maintenance

Outdoor Kitchen & Barbeques

Solar Protection Film

Tax declarations & Finance

Glass Curtains

Cleaning Services

Awnings & Sun Protection

Air-conditioning & Heating