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General rules

You are required to wear a mask in all public places if you cannot keep a distance of at least 1.5 meters. That is the most important rule. You must always bring a mask so that if you cannot keep a distance, you can wear it. We recommend that you follow this rule and be aware that the police may fine you if you don’t have a mask.

Traveling to Spain

It is mandatory to wear a mask at all airports in the world and the same on the flight. Please note that no refreshments or snacks are served onboard a flight right now, so you will need to bring your drinks and food with you just in case. Malaga airport is now limited and only the old terminal is open. None of the shops are open and you can only buy things in vending machines, such as masks, gel, water, chips, etc.
When you leave the airport, there are no specific things to pay attention to, because it is all normal. There are no special measures before you leave. However, we do advise you to wear your mask and take enough time for your flight, as security checks can be slower than normal.
It is mandatory to fill in a form when you enter Spain. The required information is your name, passport, where you are staying, contact details, etc. We strongly advise you to do this before your arrival, as it may take time to do so upon arrival, a waste of you holiday time!


The first question people ask is whether they should wear the mask on the beach. The answer is no. But if it is not possible to respect the general rule of distance (on the beach it is 2 meters), then you have to wear it. La Junta de Andalucia hired 3000 people this summer to help control the standards on the beaches. So every day you will see people from the Junta walking on the beaches from 11:00 – 20:00 to make sure that people respect the rules and distances.
Please note that you are not allowed to bring beach balls, air mattresses or beach tennis and that you may only bring an umbrella and no tents.

Swimming pools

The general rules state that the swimming pool must be cleaned and disinfected twice a day. Also, only 75% of the maximum occupancy is allowed. Lastly, you are not allowed to shower at the pools, you have to shower at home.

Public transport

It is mandatory to wear a mask in all public transport. The same rule applies to private transport, but only if you drive with people who do not live with you.

Shops and supermarkets

It is mandatory to wear a mask and in almost all places you will find hydro-alcoholic gel.

Restaurants and Bars

Most bars and restaurants are open again and work as normal. There are some restrictions such as within only 75% of the normal capacity with a minimum distance of 1.5 meters and a maximum of 25 people at one table. On terraces, the capacity is 100% taking into account the distances

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